THE NORKS are employees of Nork Korp,the multiverse's leading mega-corporation. The Norks engage in genetic advancements, trans-dimensional investment banking, securities, experimental weapons technology, and high end fashion in pursuit of complete domination of all dimensions.

OYSTERS ROCKAFELLER is founder and CEO of Nork Korp. He rose to power as the Supreme Executive of Nork Korp after the Wars of Cancellation. He strives to dominate the Multiverse through relentless business takeovers and advancements in mechanical and genetic weaponry. His combined corporate holdings are vast and continue to grow. Some of which include: SLICK IT UP ENTERPRISES, NT&T WIRELESS, QUATT0'S PIZZA, WRECKTON BREWERIES, and NAC COSMETICS, which produce the wildly popular fragrance "SAGAT"

BANANAS FOSTER is Oysters Rockafeller's most trusted assistant, she is truly his right hand Nork. She wields the power of destruction with the press of a button.

COCO VAUGHN is the head engieer of Nork Korp's genetic military weapons division. She was hired on the spot by Oysters Rockafeller when his instinct told him she was the actual weapon he needed.

FRECKLES The brawn to Oyster's brain, Freckles takes care of the corporations dirty work. Not completely human, Freckles was designed for stealth and reconnaissance, and is mostly feared for her brutal street fighting skills.

SAGAT After scouring the Multiverse over many years and through several dimensions, Oysters Rockafeller discovered SAGAT and made him the spokesmodel for NAC Cosmetics.

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