Generations after the wars of Cancelation, a dark tyranny grips the Multiverse under the rule of Corporate Warlord,
Oysters Rockafeller. Xanthor, Gigs, and Centari, three unlikely heroes from three very different dimensions, are
transported aboard Tetra, a sentient starship infused with the wisdom of an ancient civilization. Moved by Tetra's
plea to restore peace, the trio embarks on a noble quest to save the Multiverse by taking on Oysters Rockafeller
and his intergalactic corporation.

Created by Christine Adolph, Riley Swift, & JJ Stratford

Director JJ Stratford
Teleplay Christine Adolph, Riley Swift, & JJ Stratford
Producer Sarah Low
Editor Brett Hanson
Production Design Telefantasy Studios
Assistant Director Fernando Cardenas
Director of Photography Nicolas Amato
Multinauts Theme & Sound Mix Elan Polushko
Score + Sound Effects Seth Nemec
Special FX Makeup Mayera Abeita
Reptilian Creature Effects The Staley Brothers
Stunt Coordinator Squeen Holzen

Guest Stars
David Chlopecki as Oysters Rockafeller
Bananas Foster as herself
Michael Hsiung as Falco Quasar

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